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About AAA


Every Country has its own political reasons for the conflicts or disputes or war between one another based on their policies. But why is it between individuals or couples or siblings or families? The very seed for any and every dispute is 'Ego', which is the product of jealousy and root cause for every dispute. Egoism is present only in our mind and not in our body. It is our common weakness that we, by nature, find fault with others rather than looking at our own faults. Instead of considering our having failed to look at the reasons responsible for the disputes, we normally ignore our part within these reasons and blame others. There is no faultless soul in the world as well as fault-full soul. Hence, the need for us to ignore our ego or complex and accept every person as he or she is as we are accepted by God.

'Excellent' is the apt word I find for appreciating the concept of 'Arbitration' which is global now. But the awareness of this concept to a common man is limited. Hence, the organization 'AAA' was born to create awareness at every possible level, train qualified people to spread the service around and help parties to see compromise leading to peace through arbitration.

Our motto “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the Children of God”, was taken from the Bible and based on the quote of Apostle Paul “Look not every man on his own things (matters) but every man on the things of others”, we come forward to help you. There is every possibility with your mind now to settle your dispute within yourselves simply by giving up your EGO and reconcile with the other party/parties, whereby you will settle not only your case but would also enjoy a great relief. Today being tomorrow's yesterday, make your decision before your today becomes yesterday. If you still need our assistance please feel free to come and share with us your disputes (problems) which are eating up your time, health and money and be assured of our best support.

Please let me conclude it with what was said by Emerson, “The only way to have a friend is to be a friend”.